Recruitment training 360˚
Rekrutor is a unique type of training, built around a company's specific recruitment issues, via a fully customized and integrated approach.

High-level international experts will help you identify the issues in your recruitment system and build an efficient Talented acquisition and retention system that optimally suit to your company.
A lack of qualified and available manpower, dramatic change in candidates' expectations, a growing importance of company's employer brand - so many factors that make it increasingly tricky to build efficient and harmonious teams. A more strategic approach to recruitment and a good knowledge of the talent market trends can help solving this issue.
As well building a clear recruitment system and methodology is key for successful talent acquisition.

The target of Rekrutor training is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills allowing to find the best candidates and to cope with the labor market's permanent disruption.

The Training Rekrutor helps you building a Talent acquisition system and a recruitment methodology that will really fit your company's needs, allowing you to increase the level of skills and efficiency of your recruiters.

Your recruiters will discover why the personnel acquisition is becoming an increasingly complicated task and which solutions are used by leading companies across different industries.

Why Rekrutor
Recruitment managers
HR Specialists
HR Directors
HR Business Partners
Any operationnal manager who is involved in Talent acquisition
Our training targets:
Increase the level of skills and commitment of your recruiters.
Build a real Talent acquisition system, and set a clear methodology.
Improve the employer branding.
Decrease the number of errors in the selection of candidates.
Improve the quality, speed and cost control of your recruitment.
Training's targets
Understand the profile of the needed candidate(s) and create an attractive job description.
Define an effective sourcing and research strategy and use a systematic and methodical approach.
How to effectively communicate with the "internal client". How to select a recruitment agency and build the collaboration in the most productive way.
Understand whom to search
Set the right search strategy
Communicate correctly with different types of candidates and at different stages of the recruitment process; knowing how to assess candidates in order to choose "the right one".
Follow up the candidate until he starts the role, and ensure his onboarding.
Accompany the candidate during his trial period.
Communicate and assess
How to onboard
Contribute to improving the employer brand of your company.
Employer Brand
Your recruiters will learn
Before the training we analyze your company's current talent acquisition and recruitment organization, it's eventual weak points, and as well your recruitment Team's skills.

The training consists of a theoretical part as well as case study and role games customized to specific requirements of your company.
Structure of the training
Need and search strategy
Brief with the "internal customer"

Profile definition of the needed candidate

Creation of an attractive recruitment ad

Recruitment Ad diffusion (omnichannel recruitment)

Working with a recruitment agency
Search and selection
The different types of candidates

Where and how to seek (and find!) candidates

Approaching candidates and communicating at different stages

Face-to-face interview, candidate's assessment and identification of risk areas

Presentation of the selected candidates to the "internal client"

How to take references
The job offer

Communication with rejected candidates

Recruitment DNA
The modern recruiter: a multi-tasking / expertise manager

Employer branding

Offboarding — why and how

Recruiting tools

Best practices and trends in modern recruitment

Toward full-stack recruiting!
Alexandre Stefanesco
Julie Desloges
18 years of professional experience in Russia, France and also in Germany.

Business Unit manager in France

10 years experience in Executive Recruitment and Executive Search in Russia

Works with the largest multinational companies as well as medium-sized businesses across various sectors.
20 years of professional experience in Russia, France, Italy and China.

Founder and General Director of the HR Consulting & Recruitment Agency ATSAL.

Analyst, writer, public person ; host of YouTube Channel "ATSAL HR Solutions" about Russia.


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Alexandre Stefanesco
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